To generously treat your adrenaline rush, a dune buggy Dubai session is something to invest in, as this thrilling adventure is critical to Dubai’s desert fun. Your Dubai vacation cannot be declared complete if you miss out on testing your mettle with this exhilarating dune buggy ride. Tracing the golden sand of the Arabian desert in an immersive pattern is what your adventurous self will thank you for when you complete your tour.

Discover the fast side of the sands
The Arabian sands breathe in refinement and charm, but the Dubai dune buggy ride introduces you to the fast version of it. This amazing journey takes you into a fast-paced challenge that recharges your senses. No extra skill set is required to enjoy fast paced buggy riding and you will be well versed in all the safety precautions to be followed before, during and after the ride.

Make your guess on endless bumpy tracks
Be prepared to face sudden surprises during your journey as the endless unpredictable dunes will present ups and downs outside of time and leave you in ecstatic fears. The bumpy ride will test your mettle, but just for fun.

Raise your euphoria level
There may be innumerable ways to have fun and be entertained, but it’s definitely worth mentioning in your friends’ group and tour discussions on this Dubai dune buggy ride to express excitement.

So book your place as soon as possible for this surprise.


  • Pick up and drop off when opted transportation
  • A dune buggy ride session of up to 60 minutes.
  • Safe, advance and well cared dune buggy.
  • A complimentary session of sandboarding.
  • All safety gears like goggles, helmet, etc.
  • An extensive range of refreshments.