If you’ve ever wondered about an adventurous place near nature that could thrill every member of your family, then Aventura Adventure Park has you covered. Located in the plush green ecosystem of MushrifPark, Aventura Mushrif Park is a potion station to bring adventure and fun together with nature.

Offering something for every age group, the park’s different circuits do not disappoint and leave every visitor in 3 hours of excitement, joy, fun and happiness. The challenges and adventures session will be extensively guided and trained by experts for your complete safety.

Activities to Do in the Aventura Parks

Test your mettle in over 85 fun-filled challenges customized for different age groups.
Get your adrenaline pumping on exciting adventures like rope climbing, zip-lining, Bermuda bridge, Tarzan swings and other high rope activities.
Soak up the idyllic beauty of the sprawling ecosystem that includes the Aventura nature adventure park.
Enjoy individually or take part in exciting team challenges.
Increase the scale with challenges and difficulty levels related to your age and height.
Spend some relaxed time at Cafe Chris.
If you’ve ever dreamed of Tarzan’s gritty and charismatic jungle life, then you can live in this exhilarating biospace. Jump, climb, glide and sway between trees and on the ground to create pleasant memories. Aventura Adventure Park is ready to unleash the hidden explorer in you.